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Sixth St. Specials

New York City! On a day off from a busy week in Brooklyn....decided to go check out the East Village of NYC. After making a wrong turn down a quiet New York sidewalk I stumbled across a motorcycle repair shop I knew nothing about. A few vintage British bike were parked out front. My interest was immediately sparked! I had to go in and check it out. Inside I meet Hugh Mackie owner and operator of Sixth Street Specials. Hugh gave me a rundown of his shop/passion. Sixth Street Specials has been serving the British motorcycle community for 35 years in New York. Building one-of-a-kind Triumph BSA & flat track racers. This place had so much character and was such a fun spot to shoot! I had just as much fun taking pictures as I did visiting with Hugh. Very few people follow this dream! Incredible shop, good people and true craftsmanship.

  Images provided by Bobby Marshall / Demand Image LLC.