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Have you ever thought what might happen if you bring together an internationally known photographer, a large scale production manager, a designer, an Artist, and a sales and marketing expert. That’s the core of Demand Image. Our management staff grew from realizing that obscurity is the biggest obstacle that businesses face, and our obsession with making our clients as socially and digitally visible is what drives our business everyday. We quickly realized that our unique knowledge and skill sets has granted us the perfect platform for assisting in promoting businesses and corporations. We help small businesses break free from the shadow of big conglomerates, build their brand and connect with their target audience in a real and tangible way. Our staff has managed large scale projects like the super bowl half time show, and international concert tours. We been featured in countless magazines, have shot photos for A-List clients, and have marketed, trained, and consulted for many large and small companies. We have spent countless hours customizing and building our pages, getting friends, following trends and being in the know. Our passion made us realize that our customer should Demand an Image that we know only Demand Image is capable of giving. We will make your business more recognized, give you a stronger social image and help you dominate your market. We pride ourselves on finding the best solutions for your small business to increase market share, and we will cultivate the right campaigns unlike any other to achieve the results you are looking for in your social media marketing

Social Media Specialist, Specializing in:

Social Media Marketing, Photography, Live Events, Products Sales,  Ad Creation,  Website Design,  Sports Marketing,  Real Estate Marketing,  Construction, Production, Documenting  Progress,  Capturing Working Action.

Demand Image is committed to capturing a “ vision”  for our clients through professional photography. We pride ourselves on quality and originality.

Social Media Marketing today is hugely based on the internet and social media, therefore quality photos are key to catching  the consumers interest. Whether you know exactly what image your trying to capture or just know you need quality photos, Demand Image can help. We take the time to find out what the project’s intention is, the people involved, and  the tools that create it.  Our goal is to project the clients   "passion” through interesting and unique images. Sometimes the simplest things are forgotten but can mean the most. 

Documenting Progress is a service that we offer. Whether it is a 30 min project or a 3 year world tour, Demand Image can be there from beginning to end. We capture  work in action from the beginning stages to the finished project. Project photos can be used to update social media, share with individuals who may not be able to be present, or just for personal use. The client will have access to photos as the project progresses.  Sometimes we focus on the main event so much that the art of preparation is lost. 





  Images provided by Bobby Marshall / Demand Image LLC.